Through its businesses, AMGOC group has transformed many sectors and redefined the way industries operate. AMGOC group has always been able to foresee changes of trends in the business environment. In every evolution of Pakistan economy, we see seeds of opportunities. As a group, our goal to grow succeed and became a leader in every business that we engage. We bring our traditional values of fairness, honesty and trust to bear on modern and innovative ways of working and developing our business and associated relationships. We will continue to build partnerships with our customers,through knowledge, ingenuity and commitments of our people as well as through the products and services we offer. We have always adopted the best management practice and used latest technologies to improve our business efficiencies and achieve economies of scale. We ensure that as our business grow, the communities around us get the right opportunities to develop as well. As a successful group and good corporate citizen,we continue to play our role in the economic development of Pakistan. We care for the environment, communities and business associates. Finally, I would like to specially acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the entire AMGOC group’s team in creating and sustaining a truly world-class enterprise.

Aamir Majeed Khan Niazi

Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi
Vice Chairman