AMGOC and its subsidiaries will be responsible environmental stewards and strive to minimize environmental effects and ricks today feature generation.
To meet our responsibilities, we will provide the necessary resource to

  1. Design, operate close and re – claim our facilities to comply with applicable laws and regulation to meet expected standard and go beyond when they do not meet AMGOC’S values.
  2. Continuously improves our safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible use of resource, proved product and material.
  3. Promote employee and contractor knowledge capability and accountability an in implementation of this policy through use of environmental management system.
  4. Conduct periodic environmental reviews and adopt of operations and activities to issue compliance, indentify risks, reduce costs and liabilities, and improve sustainable operations.
  5. Work cooperatively with education institutions and agency to research, develop, and use best technological and management practices to reduce environmental impacts.

Each AMGOC employee and contractor is responsible for incorporating this policy into their planning and work activities to achieve this commitment.
AMGOC’S board of director, through the health, safety, environmental, and technical committee, will monitor performance of this policy.