Chromite From Pakistan
July 8, 2015

Pakistan is enriched with different minerals resources and Rock Phosphate is one of it. Pakistan has got an estimated 26000 million tons deposits of rock phosphate of all grades. Abbotabad district has estimated 20-30 millions tons,deposit of rock phosphate from 24% to 34%.
Reference ( Phosphate deposit of Pakistan by S.Tayyab Ali Shah and phosphate deposits of the world volume 2 by A.J Notholt, R.P Sheldon and D.F Davidson).
We have got our own rock phosphate mines,we are producing world class,high quality,developed phosphate containing measured resources of 1.31 million tons at 25-31% P2 O5, indicates resources of 0.40 million at 25-31% P2O5 tons and additional inferred resources of 0.42 million tons at 25-31%. After production we grind it to industry standard size or as per requirements of our client.
Rock phosphate, a major source of phosphorus is an essential element for plants and animals nutrition. It is used as an organic fertiliser in its raw form, and the raw material for production of processed phosphate fertilisers, phosphoric acid and other industrial chemicals and animals feed.

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