At AMGOC, our coperate responsibility policy (CRP) begin with the believe data safe mine is a productive Mine – each day – each shift, home safely.

We will strive to guard the health and safety of our employe and community. We will be responsible environmental steward and strive to minimize environmental effect during exploration, development and corporation and the reclaim our projects to productive post mining land uses.

We believe that by becoming responsive to community needs, the company build trust and relationship that foster our social license to operate.

This is in encompasses taking a mutually beneficial approach to issue effecting the community, treating others with respect and engaging in open and honest communication.

Each of these aspects will be fully integrated into our business plaining as they are considered key to over core business strategy and continue profitability.

This is over coperate responsibility policy bottom line health and safety, environmental stewardship, social license, and economic profitability.