Chromite From Pakistan
July 8, 2015

Dandot- Rock salt mines situated near Dandot sharing joint boundary with main Khewra PMDC salt mines which is the second largest mine in world. Dandot salt mines are 145 Km for Rawalpindi. Its history goes to its disclosure by Alexander’s troops in 320 BC, however it began exchanging the Mugal time.

Dandot salt mine comprises of 330 acres of Reddish salt valid up to 99 years. Its average production is 350 MT/per day. Its potential average 1000 to 1500 Tons per day after further development the purity of (Nacl) are 93 – 98.5 % revenue estimated 10 Million tons for 55 years life @ 500 T/Day at 300 Ft depth. However salt deposit depth is more than 1000 Ft.


Our second mine situated at Peer Khara near Lillah Town is Provence Punjab. It comprises of 500 acres area of which salt valid to 99 years.

Its average production is 800 Tons/Day potential are 1000 to 1500 Tons/Day after further development. The purity of (Nacl content) 93 – 98% revenue estimated 25 million tones 75 years life @ 1000 tons/ Day at 300 fact depth, however salt deposit depth is more than 1000 feet.


Salt is utilized for cooking, as shower salt as salt solution and as a crude material for numerous business, in cooperating soda ash plants.

Salt of our mines is additionally used to make beautifying things like lights, varies, ashtrays and statues, which are sold out the United State and numerous European nations, the utilization of Rack salt to make aesthetic and beautiful things began throughout the Mugal time.

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